Aithenticate is the bridge between technology and transparency.
Designed for seamless integration into your website, it enables clear communication about the nature of your content’s creation.
This not only fosters a culture of honesty and trust but also aligns with the growing demand for transparency in digital content.

Aithenticate: The #1 plugin to enhance your transparency and compliance towards Artificial Intelligence

Supercharge the road to transparency and compliance with one simple plugin.
Be transparent to your user disclose the use of AI on your posts or pages.

Use Aithenticate for free and explore it’s benefits. If you’re a bigger fish, easily upgrade to
Aithenticate premium and pro to experience unlimited implementations on your website.

Why Aithenticate?

Are you worried that you’re not transparent enough to your users? Do you want to be more
compliant with the use of AI? Do you hate to manually inform your users that you are using
artificial intelligence tools? Well, Aithenticate solves all those problems for you.

With Aithenticate you can:

  • Be transparent: to your users and readers.
  • Be more compliant: with the developing laws regarding the implementation of AI tools
    in your business.
  • Custom Aithenticate Profile: have your own company profile with a generic AI-
  • Implement with one click: or choose individual posts and pages.

Usage of 3rd party service

Our plugin relies on the 3rd party service, Aithenticate, to gather and manage user information for the creation and maintenance of Aithenticate profiles. When users install and utilize our plugin, Aithenticate collects personal details including Name, Email Address, Company Name, Company Address, Company Logo, and Contact Information. This data is used to create a secure and unique Aithenticate profile, which requires users to establish an account and password for accessing and modifying their profile information.

You can access Aithenticate services at:

For more information on the terms of use and privacy policies of Aithenticate, please visit the following links:

Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Explain video

Walkthrough video


Can I use the plugin on multiple sites?

Yes, you are permitted to use the plugin across multiple sites. However, a separate account is
required for each individual site to ensure proper management and functionality.

Is it mandatory to use your plugin to be compliant?

No, using our plugin is not a mandatory requirement for compliance. To enhance transparency
with your customers, you have the option to perform the necessary actions manually. While
manual implementation is feasible, it is considerably more time-consuming. Our plugin is
designed to streamline and simplify this process for you.

Can I cancel my subscription or receive a refund?

Subscription cancellations can be made at any time through your account settings. While
cancelling prevents future charges, please note that refunds for previous payments are not
offered. Upon cancellation, you will not incur any additional charges in subsequent months.

Will the plugin slow down my website?

Our plugin is designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring that it does not noticeably impact
your website’s loading speed.

I don’t use WordPress; can I still utilize your plugin?

Certainly, our plugin can still be integrated into your website even if you do not use WordPress.
The integration process involves manually embedding our code into your site, which is
straightforward in most cases, typically requiring just a simple copy and paste of the provided

Is the plugin compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, our plugin is fully compatible with mobile devices. Once correctly installed and configured,
it will be accessible and functional across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience for
your website visitors.


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