This plugin has been closed as of 18 Maajo, 2022 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


3 Agoosto, 2020
If you depend on getting visitors to your site via the link in your bio on Instagram like I do, you should be warned before using this plugin that it does NOT work. For instance, if someone visits your website via the link in your Instagram profile, and they come upon a page or blog post where you've utilized any of the Capture & Convert widgets for "follow to unlock" or "sign up with email to unlock", when the visitor clicks on the widget to either follow you or sign up for your newsletter to unlock the content, once they are redirected back to your website, the content will NOT be unlocked and your visitor will be stuck with seeing the same widget still asking for them to follow you or sign up to unlock content. I signed up for the Premium plan and regardless, this issue still occurred. I spoke to one member of their team about it and they offered to get back to me the following week to try coming up with a solution but they never did. The plugin is a GREAT idea and I really wish it had worked. It was also very buggy whenever you tried designing your widget.
10 Nofeembar, 2019
I can confirm it works (with Gutenberg!), and looks very nice. Couldn't get it to show a Facebook "like to unlock". Wondering if that's a premium-only feature. I found a visual glitch, plus an idea on how to improve your UI. Who is best to email about that? Cheers.
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