This plugin has been closed as of 7 Oktoobar, 2023 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent. Sababta: Codsiga Qoraaga.


13 Abriil, 2021
I was looking forward to this working to save me time, but whenever I try saving the custom error messages, nothing gets saved, not even the switch to turn them on. I had to deactivate and delete this plugin and now I have to write my own jquery. Very frustrating.
7 Agoosto, 2020
Apparently when author of this plugin decided to push update 1.2 he forgot to include the file which is required by plugin to operate. If you have this plugin active on your website, missing file renders your whole website inoperable with a critical error. Warning: require_once(/app/wp-content/plugins/cf7-custom-error-messages/cf7-custom-error-message-settings.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.
27 Sebteembar, 2018
just one issue this plugin and reslove code file name cf7-custom-error-message.php line no 122 'email*' just remove ("*") from email Thanks ...cheers
19 Maajo, 2017
I have two fields, a text field and a checkbox group. I head over to the "custom errors" tab and see three options: Error Message For : email 968 Error Message For Valid : email 968 Error Message For : checkbox 1 So I complete all of these, however after saving, my text for the first email option disappears. My custom message for the checkbox group also doesn't work (and yes, I have checked "enable custom messages for this form"). Could be a great plugin, if it worked.
2 Diseembar, 2016
This plugin saved me a lot of time! Great job. Small correction that i might add regarding the email type fields is that you don't need the "else" case in the file cf7-custom-error-message.php on line 128! It doesn't save the default invalid message this way that makes the error message empty. Once again good job!
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