Change Admin Email


This plugin allows an administrator to change the “site admin email”, without sending a confirmation email from the server. This can be useful for testing purposes, localhost setups, or any other situation where outbound email is disabled. A new “feature” of WordPress 4.9 is that the administrator cannot change the site admin email without outgoing email setup on the server. This plugin restores the admin’s ability to change this setting without sending a confirmation email. Note that the “site admin email” is the global email used for admin purposes on the site. It is the “from” address when the site sends an email. The “site admin email” may be different from the administrator’s personal user email, which is associated with the administrator’s user account.


Once activated, an administrator can change the admin email from the Settings >> General page.


Clone or copy the file into your plugins directory, then activate the plugin from the admin menu. No other settings required.


30 Maarso, 2022
I am sometimes a lazy cheapskate web developer who does not want to be bothered with setting up mail on my server. Being lazy, I also didn't feel like installing phpMyAdmin. This plugin works great to change the admin email when you have no way to send the confirmation email and I am thankful it exists.
25 Maarso, 2022
I was struggling to change the email on my wordpress account for a long time after my tech guy left the area and I needed to take over. It was not easy and this fixed it.
16 Febraayo, 2022
Changing the e-mail address in the control panel wasn't working, and i couldn't figure out why (way above my techspertise!). Within 10 minutes of installing this plugin, it was done. Thanks a million.
10 Febraayo, 2022
Sometimes I've been unable to update the admin email thru the WP settings and this plugin never fails - it has helped me update the WP admin email every time. Thank you!
1 Febraayo, 2022
I've had an issue with my admin email for a while now because the old email ID is not in use so I can't verify the email. Thank you, thank you, thank you for solving this for me
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