LiveX AI Copilot


Introducing LiveX AI Copilot for WordPress: A compact, no-code solution designed with small and medium businesses in mind. This easy-to-integrate plugin brings the power of AI directly to your website, offering ChatGPT-like interactions that go beyond text. With multimodal capabilities, LiveX AI Copilot engages customers not just through chat, but with visual responses, enriching the user experience and making every interaction more impactful.

LiveX AI streamlines your business operations by boosting sales and enhancing customer support. Its intuitive design ensures seamless integration into your website, requiring minimal effort for maximum results. With this plugin, experience a noticeable increase in lead generation, sales, and customer satisfaction, all while reducing response times and support costs. Transform your business’s digital approach with the innovative and user-friendly LiveX AI Copilot.

This plugin utilizes LiveX AI services to deploy a pre-trained chatbot on your website, leveraging the data you have provided to the LiveX AI application. It integrates with your site to provide a range of automated services crucial for business growth, including lead generation, product recommendation, product education, and customer support. For additional information regarding the Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use, please refer to the respective sections dedicated to these topics.

3 Easy to steps to get started

To install the LiveX AI Copilot on your WordPress site, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Plugin: First, go to your WordPress site and install the LiveX AI Copilot plugin.

  2. Configure AI Copilot:

    • Go to the LiveX AI dashboard.
    • If you’re not an existing user, create a free account at LiveX AI.
    • Configure your AI Copilot. There’s a tutorial video available, titled “How to build AI Copilot in one-click”, which can be watched here.
  3. Integrate with Your Site:

    • Copy the JavaScript code from the “Publish” tab.
    • Paste this code into the designated field in the WordPress plugin.
    • Save the changes.

For additional guidance, there’s a tutorial video on WordPress plugin integration which can be watched here. This might make the process easier for you.
Watch tutorial video: WordPress plugin installation

Once you have completed these steps, you can start using the LiveX AI Copilot on your WordPress site. If you’re ready to proceed, you can begin with a free trial to explore the features of the AI Copilot. 🚀


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