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Add theme matching “Print this page” button in sidebar, footer, page or post

  • Mobile Responsive
  • The Plugin takes very low space in hosting
  • The Plugin will automatically match with your Theme’s color, font, style. Visitor will think it as the part of your theme. If you use this Plugin in different themes, you will feel the change
  • Easy Installation! After activation of the Plugin, Simply go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the Plugin into any widgetized area like sidebar or footer
  • No coding knowledge or expertise required! You will not have to use any short-code or to edit settings
  • Freedom! If you use any Page Builder, then you can add inside page or post also

Live Preview

If you are browsing from laptop, then you will see “Print this page” button at left side navigation bar; and if you are browsing from mobile or tab, then you will see “Print this page” button at top-left hamburger menu. Remember, the preview will be different at different themes as the Plugin automatically match with Theme’s color, font, style

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WordPress is now promoting Block-editing. This Plugin works with WordPress latest version, but only with non-block Theme. You may need to install Restore Classic Widgets or Classic Widgets Plugin. Both are free.


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Download this free Plugin, and read this image-based article “How to install WordPress Plugin, and use it in sidebar or footer or inside page or post?” and start using the Plugin


15 Diseembar, 2020
I code my print stylesheet myself, so I do not want a print button plugin that overrides all my careful work, which is what most of them do. This one does exactly what it says on the tin. It enables you to add a print stylesheet button into any widget, and that’s it. The button itself picks up on your existing website styling, rather than adding any more of its own, which is exactly what I want. And the printing also reflects the CSS styles that already exist – which means it uses my print stylesheet rather than inserting its own. Perfect – exactly what I need. It won’t be for everyone, but for anyone who just wants the button and to keep total control over all the styling – this is the one.
2 Juunyo, 2020 1 reply
The plugin works and is easy to use (you don’t need Page BUilder as another reviewer says). However, it uses a large text button instead of a small image, and it prints the entire page (menu, header image, etc.) instead of extracting just the article. If that’s what you want, fine, but usually people want to print the article, not the entire page.
30 Oktoobar, 2018
I tried several free printer plugins, but this one is the one that properly works with decent functionality. Great.
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  • Updated version has word-wrap. If you use this Widget in small area, words will go to next row.


  • Released first