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Quiz Plugin: Create intelligent quizzes, inquiry forms and more | Quizchecks

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Quiz Plugin: Create intelligent quizzes, inquiry forms and more | Quizchecks


Intelligent online quizzes and tests with personalized results

Quizchecks, the first online quiz software with an automatically generated personal response based on the given participant answers for quizzes, tests, analyses, applications and much more.

No more boring, impersonal online quizzes without added value:
Only with Quizchecks will your participants automatically receive individual results – based on their answers in the online quiz.
For anonymous as well as personal online quizzes, self-tests, applications, analysis and much more.

  • The participants answer the questions of your online quizzes and automatically receive a personalized message by email – adapted to their quiz-answers.
  • You can create anonymous online quizzes or request the data of your participants at the end of the quizzes (such as name, email, telephone, etc.) to send them your automated and personalized answer or the result.
  • There is a newly designed license key function. In addition to the free version, you can offer participants the evaluation of high-quality online quizzes, tests or analyses, etc. offer against payment.
  • Available in German and English and can be used in all languages

Quality results with online quizzes from Quizchecks

Quizchecks writes and sends the participants your personal e-mail answers based on the questions answered in the online quiz – 100% as if written and sent by yourself – and the GDPR checked without double opt-in!
At the same time, you automatically collect valuable user data in advance for further sales.
This increases the completion rate and the return on investment by over 500%.
Quizchecks also offers a unique license key function with which you can offer the results (e.g. your know-how) of high-quality tests and analysis for a fee.
Only with Quizchecks you can create intelligent online tests and quizzes with personalized results, collect valuable leads, build up e-mail lists and generate more and qualified new customers: quickly, effectively and automatically – even if you have never acquired digital leads before.

Get started with 18 ready-made templates!

If you create a free Quizchecks account now, you will also get:
* Our 18 ready-made Quizchecks templates for the topics listed below, including helpful tips
* Which you can take 1: 1 to any type of application and customize
* A total of over 200 A4 pages / more than 150 working hours
* Available immediately

Perfect for Email Marketing

Whether it’s MailChimp, Get Response, Active Campaign or another platform – Quizchecks can be quickly and easily connected to your email marketing system.
Import your new contacts or create a fully automatic process including tagging for your email funnel.

Forget about wasting money on hiring consultants because we’ve made it simple, easy, and convenient enough to get set up all on your own in as little as 10 minutes. Save time, money, and energy with Quizchecks.

Many opportunities with Quizchecks to create online quizzes and online tests

  • MARKET RESEARCH & POLLS Create reliable polls using modern designs quickly and easily to get a closer look at your target group and launch polls on your topic.
  • SELF TESTING Using self-tests your potential clients can identify their problems in form of a quiz. If you know your target groups problems, they will immediately consider you to be the one to solve it. And that increases the chance of closings!
  • ANALYSIS Personality-analysis or analysing the procedure and process will help your potential clients improve the situation they’re in and get in touch with you.
  • APPLICATIONS As pre-stage to your client interview, you can find out if a person is suitable for your services or products. That’s how you’re able to find the right clients automatically, and with less time and effort.
  • TRIPWIRE & ONLINE PRODUCTS You can sell your products and knowledge online. Create an analysis with costs to your client and sell the access to the results. All with just one tool.
  • FREE-PLUS-SHIPPING Start an attractive and reliable free-plus-shipping funnel and receive all information to ship your product.
  • SUPPORT For complete satisfaction on the clients side you can create a support-center with Quizchecks so your clients can get personalized answers immediately without any issues.
  • ONLINE TESTS & EXAMS Create simple tests up to high quality exams with automatic e-mail answers for your participants (e.g. with false, correct or detailed answers) – and save a lot of time!
  • SWEEPSTAKES Using free sweepstakes you can collect many user-related data. Potential clients take part in drawings in order to win a free product or service in exchange for their user-related data. It is as easy as that – you have a new lead on your list and you can offer the chance to win a good prize.


We are here to help you!
If you have any question of if you need any kind of support, just contact us via our live chat feature on the bottom right corner of our Quizchecks website or web-application.


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    1. Install the Plugin via WordPress.org
    1. Create your 14-day free trial account at www.quizchecks.com
    1. Simply create your first online quiz with the Quizchecks Web-App and “Copy the Quiz-URL” at the end from your Dashboard.
    1. “Paste the Quiz-URL” in the Input field of the Quizchecks WordPress plugin and click on submit.
    1. Now you have already in copy the “Wordpress short code URL” which you can easily paste on your website wherever you want.


What does the free trial include?
The free trial includes the full feature set of Quizchecks Light. You’ll receive a confirmation link via email and get started right away, generating valuable leads and increasing your revenue to scale your business even faster.

Can I cancel Quizchecks at any time?
Yes, of course. You can cancel at any time. During or after the 14-day trial version, you simply choose your desired plan and only then you enter the payment details.
Here is our transparent pricing model – without hidden costs, without risk:

How does the license key function work?
When creating it, you simply select the option and enter the net price for the implementation (e.g. an analysis). The users click on a button on your page and our secure and neutral payment page opens. After entering the data, your users will receive an email with a license key for the one-time execution, a link to start it and a payment confirmation – that’s it.

When do I get my payouts and how much is the commission?
You get your earnings automatically transferred to your bank account at the end of each month.
The service fee to Quizchecks is 3.9% of net sales + € 1 per payout to your account.

Can I rely on digital and legal security?
Quizchecks uses the most secure servers worldwide, is legally secure and GDPR checked by an IT law company.


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