Supawiki migrator: the easy way to migrate data to Supawiki

The official Supawiki plugin allows you to export your WordPress data in a JSON format that can be imported by Supawiki.

Features overview

The Supawiki migrator plugin will export as much blog and publication data as it can into a clean set of exported files.

  • Posts, pages, tags and authors are all automatically exported and recreated for Supawiki;
  • Tags will be migrated, but not categories. If needed you can convert your categories to tags before exporting;
  • Supawiki does not have built-in comments;
  • No custom fields, meta, shortcodes, post types, taxonomies or binary files will be migrated. Just regular posts, pages, tags and images;
  • Passwords are not migrated – after importing to Supawiki, each user may perform a password reset to gain access to their Supawiki account.

Docs & Support

You can find docs and more detailed information about Supawiki on

Further Reading

For more information about Supawiki and for help about getting started with the platform, check out:


  1. Use the Add New Plugin in the WordPress admin area
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Access the exporter functionality under Tools -> Export to Supawiki


How do I use this?

Install it, then go to Tools -> Export to Supawiki.


Ma jiraan wax dibu-eegis ah oo ku saabsan kaabahan.

Ka-qaybgalayaasha & Horumariyayaasha

“Supawiki” waa softiweer il furan. Dadka soo socda ayaa wax ku biiriyay kaabahan.


Ku tarjun “Supawiki” luqaddaada.

Ma xiisaynaysaa horumarinta?

Baadh koodka, fiiri bakhaarka SVN, ama iska qor diiwaanka horumarinta adigoo adeegsanaya RSS.



  • Review

Fixed security issues appointed by the plugin reviewers.


  • Initial implementation

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2024 Supawiki – Released under the GNU General Public License.