Liiska Naqshadaha

Ku Shaandhee:


Astaamo Gaar ah


Ku noqo Liiska Naqshaddaha


By Atanas Yonkov

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Meeris: 0.3.1

Cusbooneysiintii ugu dambeysay: 29 Sebteembar, 2023

Rakibaadda Firfircoon: 300+

Meeriska WordPress: 6.0 ama ka sareeya

Meeriska PHP: 5.6 ama ka sareeya

Bogga Naqshadda

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Ma heysaa waxaad dhahdo? Caawimaad ma u baahan tahay?

Eeg madasha taageerada

Ka warbixin

Naqshaddani ma leedahay dhibaato waaweyn?

Ka warbixi naqshaddan

Naqshado la helay ma jiraan. Raadin tan ka duwan isku day.