Whenever you create a new Theme or Plugin you will always need to create custom data to test whether your plugin is working or not, and as Developers ourselves we had this problem quite alot.

Our goal with this plugin is to fill this gap where you have problem with a good solution both for Developers and for Users of WordPress.

Note: This plugin requires PHP 7.4 or higher to be activated.

Checkout our GitHub Repository

Components Included

  • Posts
  • Custom Post Types
  • Meta Data
  • Sawir Halkaran
  • Adeegsadeyaal
  • Tilmaamayaal
  • Khaanado
  • Faallooyin
  • Custom Comment Types

Creating Dummy Content

Normally a WordPress developer will need to perform the task of filling up an empty theme with dummy content, and doing this manually can be really time consuming, the main reasons this plugin was create was to speed up this process.

Random Featured Images

Create randomly generated attachments as the Featured Images for your WordPress dummy content.

Create random Meta Information

WordPress has Meta for Users, Posts, Terms and Comments, FakerPress will allow you to generate custom dummy meta for all four, with 20 types of Data

Delete the Content Generated

After you are done with your testing it should be easy to delete all the content created using FakerPress, now you will be able to do it.

Generate Random HTML

When creating dummy posts what you really want is that the HTML is really random so that you might see bugs that an XML import wouldn’t.

Generate Images in your HTML

When you are testing your website images are important, so FakerPress will allow you to output Images to your HTML tests.

Real Browser data on User Comments

For comments our plugin is prepared to generate a real Browser data instead of leaving the field empty.

Random Terms generation

For creating and assigning the terms you will have a much better tool that will allow you to select which kind of taxonomy you want to assign to your posts, and leaving the randomization to the plugin’s code.

Real random User profiles

If you fill up your WordPress with any data for the user profiles you might not catch an edge case, this plugin will fill up the fields with data that will really matter in the tests.

Types of Meta Included

  • Attachment
  • WP_Query
  • Number
  • Elements
  • Tibix
  • Words
  • Qoraal
  • HTML
  • Lexify
  • Asciify
  • Regexify
  • Person
  • Geo Information
  • Company
  • shukaansi(yeed)
  • TimeZone
  • Email
  • domain
  • IP
  • Browser User Agent


We moved away from Transifex due to the new GlotPress on WordPress.org, so if you want to translate FakerPress to your language please follow this guidelines.

See room for improvement?

Great! There are several ways you can get involved to help make FakerPress better:

  1. Report Bugs: If you find a bug, error or other problem, please report it! You can do this by creating a new topic in the plugin forum. Once a developer can verify the bug by reproducing it, they will create an official bug report in GitHub where the bug will be worked on.
  2. Suggest New Features: Have an awesome idea? Please share it! Simply create a new topic in the plugin forum to express your thoughts on why the feature should be included and get a discussion going around your idea.
  3. Issue Pull Requests: If you’re a developer, the easiest way to get involved is to help out on issues already reported in GitHub. Be sure to check out the contributing guide for developers.

Thank you for wanting to make FakerPress better for everyone! We salute you.


1 Maajo, 2024
Can’t wait to use this on our next build. Ipsum Lorem copy/paste relief 🙂
30 Abriil, 2024
have used this plugin several times when I needed to test WordPress sites with certain content. Specifically it was a lifesaver as I built it my simple user listing plugin! Bugs fixed quickly and open to adding useful features. A+ support as well
28 Abriil, 2024
Practical and sophisticated at one time . Easily customisable, it allows you to re-create all the typical conditions of a real site. I love it!
16 Janaayo, 2024
This plugin does exactly what it has been created. It has a clean interface, is fast, and has a wipe button—nothing more to add.
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0.6.6 — 26 of April 2024

  • Fix – Prevent notices related to deprecated usage of Faker methods that were being called as properties.
  • Fix – Prevent fatals related to bad typecasting of Faker methods used for meta generation. props @helgatheviking

0.6.5 — 26 of April 2024

  • Fix – Ensure meta generation for Users, Terms and Comments work since changes made on version 0.6.2. props @helgatheviking

0.6.4 — 21 of April 2024

  • Fix – Ensure that Faker is also included via Strauss, to prevent conflicts with other plugins.
  • Fix – Resolve Fatal where trying to create posts, comments or terms would fail because of missing classes.

0.6.3 — 21 of April 2024

  • Fix – Prevent fatal errors because of malformed composer autoload files.

0.6.2 — 21 of April 2024

  • Version – Updated composer dependency fakerphp/faker to version 1.23.
  • Feature – Include consistent user generation, to avoid users feeling a disjointed. props @helgatheviking
  • Tweak – Include the ability to regenerate module data, allowing us to fetch values from earlier generations.
  • Tweak – Include properly use Composer for autoloading and dependencies without conflicting with other plugins.
  • Tweak – Include lucatume/di52 and nesbot/carbon Strauss dependencies, which prevents conflicts with other plugins.
  • Fix – Switch from using Placeholder.com to Placehold.co, as the first one was not working properly anymore. props @cgarofalo
  • Fix – Searching terms nonce had a typo, preventing terms search from working as expected. props @cyrusdavid
  • Fix – Prevent namespace problems with nonexistent classes, specially around Exceptions.
  • Fix – Resolve a problem with Numbers Meta throwing errors on PHP 8.0+ [#168]

0.6.1 — 04 of April 2023

  • Requirement – PHP Version 7.4 required for usage of FakerPress, important step to allow further improvements and tests.
  • Version – Updated composer dependency lucatume/di52 to version 3.3.1.
  • Version – Updated composer dependency fakerphp/faker to version 1.21.
  • Version – Updated composer dependency nesbot/carbon to version 2.66.
  • Fix – Resolve some errors happening with Carbon and version 8.2 of PHP.

0.6.0 — 30 of March 2022

  • Requirement – PHP Version 7.1 required for usage of FakerPress, important step to allow further improvements and tests.
  • Feature – Modifications to the internal Modules of FakerPress to enable future work around WP-CLI.
  • Feature – Include a new way to handle Administration Pages, included here to enable future work.
  • Enhancement – Modifications to Select2 Styles for better accessibility usage.
  • Tweak – Faker version dependency updated from fzaninotto/Faker to fakerphp/Faker/.
  • Tweak – Move everything into the FakerPress namespace.
  • Tweak – Autoload using Composer properly.

0.5.3 — 04 of March 2022

  • Fix – Ensure Select2 usage of AJAX search properly encodes on all usages props @TheMMMdev
  • Fix – Ensure Select2 usage of AJAX properly checks for nonces and permissions props @TheMMMdev

0.5.2 — 27 of January 2022

  • Feature: Proper changelog page for users trying to figure out what has changed in the latest version of FakerPress.
  • Feature: Excerpt size field added to ensure better control over Post generation prop @gtsantos
  • Tweak: jQuery 3.5.X compatibility
  • Fix: Prevent warning around post_excerpt usage introduced earlier on in the year. props @pattisahusiwa
  • Fix: One more PHP 8 compatibility problem related to the generation of passwords props @DumahX
  • Fix: Prevent PHP 8 from throwing a warning because of unnecessary unlink() call for attachments props @wpuzman
  • Fix: Resolve problems around failed inline images that were unavailable which would cause a PHP Warning.

0.5.1 — 05 of January 2021

  • Feature: Completely change folder structure to comply with PSR-4 autoloading with namespaces.
  • Feature: Included a Fields API to more easily generate Fields for controlling fields used in the admin pages.
  • Feature: Included a Template class to allow better separation of HTML and PHP files.
  • Tweak: Include compatibility with PHP 8+
  • Tweak: More well structured composer.json and using it’s autoloader.
  • Tweak: All PHP files now live inside of src folder.
  • Tweak: Moved all files to use the [] array syntax.
  • Tweak: GitHub repository no longer tracks the vendor folder.
  • Fix: Correctly order the fp_array_get params with it’s usage props @henrikwirth.
  • Fix: Make sure WordPress 5.6+ administration proper display fields.
  • Fix: Menu icon is properly displayed on version of WordPress 5.5 or higher

0.5.0 — 09 of November, 2019

  • Feature: Removed 500px as a image provider as that source was deprecated a while ago.
  • Fix: Properly handle downloading of images into WordPress, which makes this a lot safer and faster.
  • Fix: Resolved the problem where images from the Meta Attachment were been generated with 0x0 size and breaking the attachment.
  • Fix: Removed 500px as a image provider as that source was deprecated a while ago.
  • Fix: Moved from Unplash.it to their new name as Lorem Picsum.
  • Tweak: Started adding proper docblocks to the new methods. Note it will take a couple versions to have all methods with proper docblocks.
  • Tweak: Control timeout of image download with filter fakerpress.module.attachment.download_url_timeout defaulting to 10 seconds per attachment.
  • Tweak: Update required version of PHP to 5.6 to be more along the requirements of WordPress.
  • Tweak: Test and update the version of WordPress FakerPress was tested up to, now on 5.3.
  • Tweak: Updated the version of fzaninotto/faker (v1.6.0 => v1.8.0)
  • Tweak: Updated the version of nesbot/carbon (1.21.0 => 1.39.1)

0.4.11 — 25 of February, 2018

  • Fix: Prevent fatals from oversight with Namespace and Classnames for User and Post generation — Thanks @radgh & @johny-dotpad
  • Fix: Rollback change to file_get_contents it was making peoples servers hang to long — Thanks @bilimokur

0.4.10 — 11 of February, 2018

  • Feature: Added size control to Post Content, Comment Content and User Description
  • Fix: On image and attachment download we try one more time using file_get_contents — Thanks @lazlo-toth
  • Fix: Resolve Quantity Min and Max fields weird interaction — Thanks @rahmantanvir

0.4.9 — 07 of August, 2017

  • Feature: Allow Attachments to be generated with a given Width and Height range — Thanks @COLABORATI
  • Feature: Generate post_excerpt for Posts (how I forgot that is beyond me) — Thanks @njbarrett
  • Fix: Meta field rules were not respecting Configurations due to a JavaScript bug on indexing the fields — Thanks @ckpicker
  • Fix: Resolve problems where attachments wouldn’t get setup correctly and throw an Empty Message — Thanks @r083r7 and @oyvind_skjelstad
  • Fix: Allow Term Meta to generate the fields correctly again — Thanks @stratboy
  • Tweak: Prevent _encloseme and _pingme for FakerPress generated Posts

0.4.8 — 18 of July, 2017

  • Feature: Now Comments can be generated with different types, allowing for WooCommerce Notes for example – Thanks @dibbyo456
  • Feature: Comments for Custom Post Types – Thanks @jasondevine
  • Tweak: Added two new filters to Filter Meta Value fakerpress.module.meta.value and fakerpress.module.meta.{$key}.value – Thanks @Mte90
  • Fix: Resolve problems on failed Meta generation – Thanks @Mte90
  • Fix: Typo on Provider text for Attachment Meta – Thanks @codiceovvio

0.4.7 — 2 of October, 2016

  • Feature: Image Attachment Meta Field to allow more Flexibility all around the plugin

0.4.6 — 14 of June, 2016

  • Fix: Post Meta and taxonomy is finally working again — Thanks @peachey_a and @zoeitsolutions
  • Fix: Allow Meta Number generation using any type of range, doesn’t limit from 0 to 9

0.4.5 — 11 of June, 2016

  • Fix: Users Module was using Post Meta methods on flag related methods, preventing the users to be deleted when “Let it Go!” — Thanks @derpixler
  • Fix: Taxonomy and Meta Modules had a compatibility problem with Faker, preveting users to use Meta and Taxonomy Properly — Thanks @rayrutjes
  • Tweak: Add a better description for a few fields
  • Tweak: Include latest code from Faker version > 1.6.0

0.4.4 — 1 of April, 2016

  • Feature: Address Meta templating now allows you to fetch Country ABBR and Code — Thanks @kirilisa
  • Tweak: Include latest code from Faker version > 1.5.0
  • Tweak: WP_Query Meta for attachments is a little bit easier now, prediction of forgotten post_status
  • Tweak: Make the Post Parent selection easier to know which posts by showing more information on the items — Thanks @fxbernard
  • Fix: Get some missing Text Domains working — Thanks @ginsterbusch

0.4.3 — 1 of March, 2016

  • Feature: No more Hot-linking external sites on Content Images — Thanks b0rg + mvaneijgen + okvee
  • Tweak: Use wp_remote_get to fetch external images — Thanks revaxarts
  • Tweak: Improve how we handle the Deletes to make sure it doesn’t delete all your site — Thanks Paul Mckay
  • Fix: Prevent Notices from happening when no Image providers were selected

0.4.2 — 9 of November, 2015

  • Feature: Include meta for Terms for WordPress 4.4 and Up
  • Tweak: Include a more granular control over Taxonomy selector for Posts
  • Fix: CSS changes for WordPress 4.4

0.4.1 — 24 of September, 2015

  • Tweak: Improve Modules code in general, if you have custom code based on Modules please check (#71)
  • Fix: Generate button was locking after a warning for trying a bad request
  • Fix: Improved Modules JavaScript to prevent duplicated arguments on AJAX requests — Thanks Jonathan Brinley

0.4.0 — 21 of September, 2015

  • Feature: Now Modules use AJAX to fake, AKA no more timeouts for big dummy creation
  • Fix: handle WP_Error on term creation, avoids fatal errors if the term already exists — Thanks Jonathan Brinley

0.3.3 — 10 of June, 2015

  • Tweak: Our menus and submenus no longer require JavaScript to work
  • Tweak: Featured Images now are linked to the post using the post_parent column — Reported by Bruno DC
  • Fix: Dates on Meta fields are fully working again — Thanks Ethan Clevenger

0.3.2 — 25 of May, 2015

  • New: Including LoremPixel as a Image Provider — Thanks examinedliving
  • Fix: A few JavaScript/jQuery tweeks for better Select2 Handling on Dates
  • Fix: Intervals now have a better Handling for non-timed Strings — Thanks alfiemx_
  • Fix: Better verification of Carbon inclusion — Thanks Frankie Jarrett
  • Fix: Closures now using self variables better, prevents Fatal Error — Thanks fccoelho7

0.3.1 — 02 of May, 2015

  • Fix: Date Meta Field is now working as expected
  • Fix: Empty meta fields don’t throw Fatal Errors anymore — Thanks Jeffrey Carandang

0.3.0 — 01 of May, 2015

  • New: Now you will be able to generate Custom dummy Meta for your Posts, Users and Comments

0.2.2 — 15 of April, 2015

  • New: 500px as a Image provider ( You will need a Customer App Key )
  • Tweak: New formula for Taxonomy randomization for Posts ( with new filters )

0.2.1 — 02 of April, 2015

  • Fix: User generator now working again (sorry about that)

0.2.0 — 01 of April, 2015

  • New: Featured Images is now an Option on our Plugin
  • New: Handling of Post Meta, still under the hood but preparation for the next versions

0.1.6 — 07 of March, 2015

  • Fix: Prevent Carbon to Fatal error if trying to be included twice (#50)
  • Tweak: Better checking for the content flag when deleting

0.1.5 — 03 September, 2014

  • New: Allow post Parent to be chosen on the Admin Form (#35)
  • New: Now allow Image to be used in HTML, with Placehold.it (#38)
  • Tweak: Allow users to choose which HTML tags will be used (#37)
  • Tweak: User Select2 now uses AJAX to prevent bugs on bigger databases (#43)
  • Tweak: Now you can select a range of items to be randomized, instead of always having to input a single number (#44)

0.1.4 — 15 of August, 2014

  • New: Delete all content created by Fakerpress (#26)
  • New: Allow users to control comment_status on Posts (#26)
  • New: Predefined interval set of dates (#21)
  • Tweak: Prevent the user from selecting a bad combination of date fields (#20)

0.1.3 — 25 of June, 2014

  • Fixing a problem where the UI folder was not included in the final version

0.1.2 — 24 of June, 2014

  • New: Admin messages for all pages (#10)
  • New: Select Date range for Comments and Posts (#11)
  • New: Select Author sampling group for Posts (#11)
  • New: Roles sampling group for Users (#13)
  • New: Taxonomies sampling group for Terms (#13)
  • New: Selection of Post Type for Posts (#13)
  • New: Selection of Terms sampling group for Posts (#13)
  • Tweak: Select2 usage to improve fields (#13)
  • Fix: admin_title been overwritten (#14)

0.1.1 — 17 of June, 2014

  • Fatal Error generate by a missing file Carbon related fixed

0.1.0 — 17 of June, 2014

  • First initial concept of using Faker to generate data on WordPress