Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin – Icegram


Icegram is the best plugin to easily create beautiful optins and call to actions of your choice, show them to targeted visitors and convert them to customers and fans.

Icegram eliminates the need to hire a developer. You can easily set it up within minutes and start recording results right away.

Icegram is full-featured, easy to use, trusted by 40,000+ users.

Create unlimited popups of every type you need and customize every popup from theme and position to targeting and cookies.

The Only Multi-Purpose Plugin – a lot beyond optins

Icegram is not the typical optin / list-building / email subscription plugin. You can do a lot more than that along with optins!

  • Easily Grow Your Subscriber List: Show attention-grabbing, high converting email opt-in forms and build your subscriber list.

  • Instantly Drive Traffic: Display powerful call to action (CTA) buttons and drive visitors to any page you like.

  • Start Engaging and Converting Visitors: Grab visitors’ attention, make an announcement, engage them to reduce bounce rate or offer them any other call to action.

Get Multiple Message Styles – popups, header bars and much more

Icegram provides not one or two, but four different optin types – Lightbox Popups, Header & Footer Action Bars, Toast Notifications and Slide-in Messengers.

1️⃣ Well Timed Popups – Create time targeted popups/lightboxes that are optimized for conversion. Lots of customization possible.

2️⃣ Sleek Action Bars – Great for announcements, lead generation, and CTAs. Icegram provides both header bars as well as footer bars.

3️⃣ Attention-Grabbing Toast Notifications – Super useful for alerts, invitations, and multi-step CTAs.

4️⃣ Appealing Slide-in Messengers – Welcome new visitors, recommend blog posts, provide links to support resources and more with slide-in messengers.

If you want more, Icegram also provides eight more innovative message styles – Sidebars, Overlays, After / Before Post and Inlines, Stickies, Badges, Ribbons, Tabs & Interstitials in premium plans. Check the premium plans here.

Features Of Icegram

➡️ Easy to use, user-friendly interface
➡️ Easily create and target unlimited opt-in forms and messages
➡️ Multiple Different Opt-in Form / Message Styles: Popups, Header / Footer bars, Toast notifications, Slide-in Messengers.
➡️ Multiple Theme Designs: Extensive range of beautiful and fully customizable themes to make your CTA messages and email opt-in popups look amazing
➡️ Easy Integrations with Email Marketing Service: Email Subscribers, MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, and all other email marketing services
➡️ Mobile Responsive design
➡️ Time and sequence different messages
➡️ Multiple display positions – top, middle, bottom, left, right, center
➡️ Powerful Display Targeting Rules: Decide where and when to show your campaigns and opt-in forms- On specific pages, categories or posts; to certain users; on a specific schedule, via shortcode – and many other rules.
➡️ Track results of each optin form
➡️ Extensive Customization for power users – custom HTML, CSS, JS option; extensive JavaScript API; make it suit your needs
➡️ Unique Headline Generator that creates engaging headlines – so you get a copywriting headstart
➡️ No compulsion to show Icegram name or branding
➡️ No need to create an account on our site to use Icegram
➡️ Automatic Updates
➡️ Friendly and Professional Support Team
➡️ Plus a lot more!!

Powerful Features Of Icegram Premium

👉 Split Testing – Split test Icegram campaigns and decide which variation works best for your audience.

👉 Behavior Triggers and Advanced Targeting – Show and hide campaigns based on visitors on-page behavior. Like on Exit Intent, Scroll Position, Time Delay, JavaScript, On-click of another message…

👉 Geo Targeting – target optins based on visitor’s location – continent, country, city, region or IP address

👉 CTA Actions – Open link in a new window, submit form, AJAX submission, show another message, hide this message… New actions for CTA buttons

👉 Remote – Show Icegram messages on Non – WordPress sites.

👉 Analytics and Reporting: View conversion and impression analytics of all campaigns and messages

👉 Additional optin types – Overlay, Inline, Sidebars, Interstitial, Ribbons, Stickies, Badges, Tabs

👉 Exit Intent: Target abandoning visitors by showing popups and other messages when they are about to exit your site

👉 VIP Support

Create an Optin Form within minutes. No Need to Hire a Developer!

Icegram is easy and you don’t need a developer to figure this out. Icegram lets you create optins and CTA messages in under a minute. You can choose from a variety of optin types, customize it as per your liking and target it instantly. Creating an Icegram message is very simple and you don’t need technical knowledge to get it to work.

Choose from Beautiful, Mobile Responsive Design Templates

Icegram provides you with 20 high converting and very responsive design templates. You can customize the colors of these design templates to match the color palette of your brand/ website.

Start Growing Your Email Subscriber List Instantly

Icegram optins ** specializes in converting visitors to subscribers**. Icegram allows you to create high converting subscriber forms and target them strategically at various places on your website.

Increase Your Optin Conversions with Advanced, Powerful Display Targeting Rules

Well-targeted optins are a must. Thus, Icegram provides you various advanced targeting optins. It allows you to target visitors depending on various factors like:

➡️ Page-level targeting
➡️ Time-based targeting
➡️ User-based targeting
➡️ Device-based targeting ( 100% Mobile Responsive)

Measure Optins Performance based on Detailed Reports

The most important way of measuring the effect of an optin is checking out the analytics. Icegram provides an easy to understand but in-depth stats of how your optin is performing.

Convert Abandoning Visitors by Showing them Exit Intent Opt-ins

Icegram also gives you an excellent option to target optins at exit intent. This is available in Icegram’s paid addon – Behavior Triggers and Advanced Targeting. That is, you can show an optin just before the visitor is leaving your website. Such optins are highly converting and are mostly used by Top Internet Marketers to grow their lists.

Create and Test out Optin Variations using Split Testing (A/B Testing)

Icegram also has a premium addon Split Testing which allows you to split test various aspects of the optins like – content, headlines, C, color, design templates, etc.

Easily integrate with your Email Marketing Service

Icegram provides an easy HTML based integration with Email Marketing Services like MailChimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, GetResponse, ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor, ActiveCampaign, Emma, iContact, MailerLite, MailPoet, MadMimi, Klawoo, e-GOI, SendPress, Email Buddy, My Mail, etc.
Any Email Marketing Service which provides an HTML form code can be easily integrated with any of Icegram’s O.

Also, Fully Compatible with Third-Party Plugins

Not just Email Marketing Services, Icegram is compatible with most third-party lead capture/form plugins, themes and CRM like – Jetpack, Gravity, Contact Form 7, Visual Form Builder and many others. Hence, causing no inconsistencies to your WordPress site.

Icegram vs Its Alternatives – Here’s what you need to know..

We compared Icegram with some similar plugins and here’s the complete one-on-one review.

👉 Sumo Me vs Icegram – Full Review
👉 Optin Monster vs Icegram – Complete Feature Analysis
👉 Ninja Popups vs Icegram – Plugin Faceoff
👉 Hellobar vs Icegram – Comparative Analysis

Website, Demos, Shop, Social, Love

➡️ Official Icegram website
➡️ Dozens of Demos of different Icegram messages
➡️ Shop for Icegram Premium
➡️ A few customer reviews
➡️ Follow Icegram on Twitter @icegram

What customers have to say about Icegram?

  • 👉 Great plugin for lead generation

    We’ve been using Icegram as well as the compatible Email- and Newsletter plugin from Icegram for blog subscription and lead generation forms. It’s easy to set up and it does what it’s supposed to do. Thank you!

  • 👉 Great plugin and amazing customer service!

    The plugin is great for both people with or without coding knowledge, the max upgrade gives you any kind of addition you may need for the best targeting. I had a little issue and the customer service was super understanding and helpful.

  • 👉 Icegram is better than premium plugins! Trust me

    I have used premium plugins too. But this plugin is better than premium one!
    So many options, customizations, and best support! I am using this plugin on both of my websites 😉

  • 👉 I have 20 Different Plugins across 3 websites but Icegram is my go-to plugin

    There are plenty of similar plug-ins like this on WordPress, but none of them provide as much bang for the buck as Icegram.
    I have, I’m guessing, 20 different plugins across 3 websites and this is my go-to plugin to drive downloads of my e-books.
    I especially like the A/B split testing feature. And the customer support has been very prompt. Five stars for sure.

  • 👉 Icegram simplified things for a non-programmer like me

    Icegram simplified things for a non-programmer startup entrepreneur like me and has become a tool I recommend to everyone else. It’s a wonderfully productive On-site Retargeting > Plugin! And it’s free. In one week of using Icegram, our bounce rate went down significantly and visitor’s time on site went up.

  • 👉 I doubled my subscriber list with Icegram within 1 month

    One month into using the icegram, and the number of subscribers doubled. This plugin is great. Icegram messages have given me phenomenal 60% click-through rates and it > never fails to deliver. When you use Icegram, you don’t need to learn all those marketing secrets.. Icegram does that for you…

Help Fellow WordPressers by Writing a Review ❤️

If you like Icegram, please leave us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review and also spread the word about it via Facebook and Twitter. That helps fellow website owners assess Icegram easily and benefit from it!

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  • Different Icegram messages
  • High converting design templates
  • The Icegram workflow
  • Editing an Icegram campaign - add multiple messages, edit them, full HTML editor, themes and more
  • Target your Icegram message using these display rules


  1. Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on ‘Icegram’ option within WordPress admin sidebar menu


Messages look broken / formatting is weird…

This is most likely due to CSS conflicts with the current theme. We suggest using simple formatting for messages. You can also write custom CSS in your theme to fix any problems.

Extra Line Breaks / Paragraphs in messages…

Go to HTML mode in content editor and pull your custom HTML code all together in one line. Don’t leave blank lines between two tags. That should fix it.

How do I add custom CSS for messages?

You can use custom CSS/JS inline in your message HTML. You can also use your theme’s custom JS / CSS feature to add your changes.

Optin Forms / Mailing service integration…

You can embed any opt-in / subscription form to your Icegram messages using HTML code. You may even use a shortcode if you are using a WP plugin from your newsletter/lead capture service.

Use the “Embed Form” button above the text editor to paste in HTML code from your mailing list service and let Icegram automatically “clean it up” for usage in Icegram messages.

Preview does not work / not refreshing…

Doing a browser refresh while previewing will not show your most recent changes. Click the ‘Preview’ button to see a preview with your latest changes.

Can I use shortcodes in a message?

Yes! Messages support shortcodes. You may need to adjust CSS so the shortcode output looks good in your message.

I can’t find a way to do X…

Icegram is actively developed. If you can’t find your favorite feature (or have a suggestion) contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

I’m facing a problem and can’t find a way out…

Contact Us, provide as much detail of the problem as you can. We will try to solve the problem ASAP.


19 Nofeembar, 2021
we speed many hours to find this plugin make huge problems. we can't change status on woocomerce orders. we can't update products. we can't make new posts. after disable this plugin all back to normal.
25 Oktoobar, 2021
Not sure what is going on, as I am Getting Random Pop ups I didn't create. I only have created 1 popup and it shows but then I am getting 2 other pop ups that say "See how this website make 35K per year" and another small pop up at the bottom that says "take 20% off next purchase. I never created these and the only pop up that shows on the back end is mine. Any ideas, very frustrating
29 Seteembar, 2021
I always use only the free version for simpler projects, while for the more complex ones I buy the PRO version. All recommendations from me. One of the extremely useful plugins.
23 Agoosto, 2021
15 minutes customising a pre-existing template and a bit of help by checking the user forum and I was done.
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2.0.7 (08.12.2021)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to Patchstack team]

2.0.5 (18.11.2021)

  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for BFCM
  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS and nonce validations [Thanks to Patchstack team]
  • Fix: Secured Icegram from reflected XSS vulnerability [Thanks to WPScan team]

2.0.4 (21.10.2021)

  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Halloween

2.0.3 (17.08.2021)

  • Fix: Improved security related to nonce in Settings and Subscription form
  • Fix: Secured Icegram from Stored XSS vulnerability

2.0.2 (27.07.2021)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements
  • Fix: Icegram account connection issue [Premium]

2.0.1 (23.07.2021)

  • Update: WordPress 5.8 compatibility check
  • Update: UI improvements

2.0.0 (21.07.2021)

  • Update: UI improvements

1.11.0 (17.07.2021)

  • Update: Performance improvements
  • Update: UI/UX improvements


  • Update: WordPress 5.7 compatibility check
  • Update: UI improvement


  • Update: WordPress 5.6 compatibility check


  • Update: WordPress 5.5.3 compatibility check
  • Update: UI improvements


  • Update: UI improvements


  • Fix: Jquery issue with WordPress 5.5


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WordPress 5.5


  • Fix: Icegram campaign not working issue.


  • Update: Improve performance by loading JS/ CSS whenever required
  • Fix: Rainmaker Shortcode issue


  • Fix: Campaigns were not showing if display rules are set to role specific
  • Update: WordPress 5.4 compatibility test


  • UI enhancements


  • Fix: Email Subscribers form was not visible when Email Subscribers Premium plugin activated


  • Fix: Form color field was not rendering properly
  • Enhancement: Added Christmas Gallery Items


  • Fix: Security issues


  • Added Black Friday Cyber Monday Gallery Items


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Halloween


  • New: Added featured gallery items


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates

  • Fix: Fatal error ‘ES_DB_Forms’ class not found.



  • Fix: Fixed security issue in the gallery

  • Fix: Fatal error “IG_Tracker_V_1_0_1” class not found.

  • Fix: Fatal error “IG_Tracker_V_1_0_1” class not found.


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: Fixed gallery not loading issue


  • Update: Now supports multi roles for the user in campaign display rules


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Halloween


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: Fixed popup blocker issue while previewing campaign
  • Update: Compatibility with latest WPML
  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • New: Added customizable Gallery templates to the Gallery
  • Update: Compatibility with latest Email Subscribers


  • Update: Compatibility with latest GDPR


  • Update: Now supports Rainmaker forms in a multisite environment.


  • New: Improved the UI/UX of the Icegram Gallery


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: “The plugin does not have a valid header”


  • New: Added Christmas Gallery templates


  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • New: Added Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gallery templates


  • Fix: MailPoet 3 anti-spam field was visible with Form embed functionality


  • New: Added Halloween Gallery templates


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates

  • Fix: “Blank / White Screen of death” / Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: compatibility with Contact Form 7(v4.8)


  • New: Added new templates to Icegram’s Gallery
  • Fix: Single gallery template wasn’t loading on refresh


  • Enhancement: Search bar, filters added to Icegram’s Gallery


  • Enhancement: Small improvements for Call To Actions


  • New: Directly choose Gallery Template while creating a New Campaign



  • Update: Mobile Detect Library updated to version 2.8.24
  • Fix: Forms that were embedded in mobile popups at “0 seconds”
  • Fix: Resolve conflicts with WordPress themes using Magnific popup library


  • Fix: Action bar was not getting close.


  • Enhancement: Merged all addons in one


  • Enhancement: Small improvements in responsiveness of Popups and Action bars


  • Fix: Popup with time delay more than “0 seconds” were also converted to action bar if Behavior triggers were installed


  • Enhancement: No Google penalty for mobile popups, an automatic solution


  • New: Revamped the old admin UI and made it more user-friendly and simple

  • Fix: Solve “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&&’ (T_BOOLEAN_AND), expecting ‘)'”


  • Update: Rainmaker form compatibility with Icegram’s Remote addon


  • Fix: Secured Icegram from XSS vulnerability(Thanks to Ipstenu (Mika Epstein))


  • Fix: Compatibility with Icegram’s CTA add-on and Rainmaker


  • Update: Performance enhancements
  • Fix: Gallery is not getting loaded with https site



  • New: Added the Gallery of ready to use Icegram Campaigns
  • Fix: Font was not getting loaded for convert theme(popup)


  • New: Added quick action for campaign preview
  • Fix: For new message delay time -1 were not getting set


  • New: Two step – click triggered – optins
  • Enhancement: Complete revamp of popup themes – Airmail, Convert, Inspire, Persude
  • Fix: Clicks were not getting tracked for button[type=submit] with inner HTML


  • New: Support for custom JS and CSS in message
  • New: Added German translations
  • Enhancement: Revised Addons and Docs page inside the plugin
  • Enhancement: Prevent false Impression count on crawling in analytics
  • Fix: For an on-click popup, once the background of the popup was clicked it wouldn’t open again
  • Fix: Home page targeting was not working properly in “Specific URL on this site” targeting

  • Fix: Warning for “Illegal string offset ‘option_name'”
  • Fix: ‘ReferenceError: icegram is not defined’ on page with CF7 and no Icegram


  • Fix: Conditional login of Gravity forms was not working


  • Fix: Campaigns were not getting scheduled according to site’s timezone


  • Fix: CF7(Contact Form 7) Ajax submission was not working
  • Fix: CF7 redirection was not working
  • Fix: CF7 was changing URL after form submission

  • Enhancement: Added sprite image for close buttons
  • Fix: Retargeting issues with HTTP and HTTPS


  • New: Added translation for Italian
  • Update: Action Bar does not overlap header/menu of your website

  • Fix: Incorrect plugin name


  • New: Messenger messages work beautifully on mobile / small devices now!
  • New: Icegram’s shortcodes are now working with Text Widget
  • Update: Mobile Detect Library updated to version 2.8.15
  • Fix: Gravity Forms hidden fields were visible with Form embed functionality
  • Fix: Slide animation was not working with some browsers
  • Fix: Popup message conflicts with some lightbox plugins


  • Fix: Popup was not getting closed when multiple popups were set on a single page
  • Fix: Message was not getting close when a form was submitted in a new window
  • Fix: Default editor was visible while loading campaign setting page
  • Fix: Revised CSS of the “Support and Docs” page and made its compatibility with WordPress 4.3


  • New: Action bar messages work beautifully on mobile / small devices now!
  • New: Add Animation for few more message types


  • Fix: Ninja Forms was showing two submit buttons with Icegram Form embed functionality
  • Fix: Mailpoet hidden fields were visible with Form embed functionality
  • Fix: Minor issues with form CSS
  • Fix: Use themes default option was not working in message admin settings


  • Fix: Redirection to “Target Link” was not working in Icegram message
  • Fix: Inline form shortcode not getting preserved for message types with only inline position


  • New: Keep spammers away with new automatic anti-spambot checking mechanism
  • Fix: Shortcodes not working in Icegram messages
  • Fix: WordPress crash while creating a new post
  • Update: UI improvements for form embedding


  • Update: Retargeting option now work for the campaign instead of the message
  • Fix: Inline form shortcode not getting preserved in the message body
  • Fix: Form style options not getting saved
  • Fix: Minor issues with form CSS
  • Fix: Compatibility issues of previous embed form functionality with a new one


  • New: Forms now comes with various form styles and multiple positions
  • New: Forms also provides background and text color
  • New:Forms also supports header,footer-text/HTML
  • Update: Updated form embed functionality
  • Fix: Homepage page targeting not working when “Lazy loading” was off


  • Fix: Compatibility for themes with CSS class name conflicts
  • Fix: Compatibility with “auto-optimize” and other minification plugins
  • Fix: Local site targeting not working without a wildcard character


  • New: Both body and button colors (background and foreground) can now be set
  • Update: Brought back CTA Buttons default colors
  • New: Lazy load Icegram messages for better compatibility with caching plugins
  • Update: Updated all themes to support new theme coloring scheme
  • Fix: Some alignment issues with images in popups
  • Update: Minified all JS and CSS to improve performance
  • Update: Auto-correction for CTA links now works with tel: links


  • New: Headlines now support shortcodes!
  • Update: A message shown on click of another (using CTA actions addon), can now contain shortcodes
  • Fix: Compatibility with Wishlist Member plugin
  • Fix: Popup close event not triggered when clicking outside the popup – on its overlay
  • Update: Automatically adds HTTP:// in CTA links if missing


  • New: Can now define the custom background and text colors for Popups
  • Fix: Button text color not showing well in some themes
  • Fix: Analytics not getting tracked
  • Update: Revisions to theme packs and many addons
  • New: Support for Split Testing addon


  • Fix: “Blank / White Screen of death” / Fatal error – Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect
  • Fix: Warning for undefined index
  • Update: Mobile Detect Library updated to version 2.8.11
  • Update: Improvements in complementary colors for call to action button and button text
  • Update: Action Bar’s Bold theme – reduced shadow on button text


  • New: Added a link to Form Embed Documentation for easy access
  • Fix: Default mode of content editor set to visual
  • Fix: Popup hiding behind header for some themes
  • Fix: Device targeting rule not working on newer devices
  • Fix: Preview working only after Publishing


  • New: Popup messages work beautifully on mobile/small devices now!
  • Fix: Timing problems with popups triggered via Behavior Trigger addon.
  • Fix: Visual Composer compatibility


  • NEW: Duplicate a Campaign and Message easily now – click ‘duplicate’ in the list view!
  • Update: Using an image instead of dashicons for action bar arrows
  • Update: Renamed “messenger” CSS class to “ig_messenger” to avoid potential overlaps
  • Update: Clicking outside the popup (on the dark overlay) will close the popup


  • Fix: Preview not working correctly


  • NEW: Support for Icegram Remote – now run your campaigns on other sites – even non WordPress sites
  • Update: Better wildcard matching in Where targeting rules for URLs
  • Update: Compatibility with Avada theme
  • Update: Misc UI and performance enhancements


  • NEW: Target campaigns to any page with wildcard URL support in “Where” conditions
  • NEW: CTA Click based retargeting to hide a message in a campaign after being clicked
  • NEW: Message shown retargeting can now hide message forever – after shown once


  • Update: Dismiss button for admin notice about bonus themes and addon
  • Fix: Admin settings CSS changes, for compatibility with some themes
  • Fix: Hello Bar close button not clickable
  • Fix: Retargeting not working with some cache systems


  • Update: Styling changes to action bar CTA button for alignment
  • Update: Hello Bar styling updates to better handle forms
  • Fix: Hidden field related issue while embedding subscription forms
  • Fix: Retargeting not working correctly in certain cases
  • Fix: Theme thumbnails missing on the messages list


  • Fix: Empty image tag causing display issues in Opera / IE
  • Update: Form embed functionality improvements
  • NEW: “Themes Pack 2014” addon – 17 themes as a bonus – available from Icegram.com
  • Fix: Toast message compatibility with Behavior Triggers
  • Update: JS and CSS URLs include version numbers now – better for caching
  • Fix: Other minor fixes


  • NEW: “Embed Form” option for easy integration with optin / mailing list / subscription form / CRM services
  • NEW: Retargeting Rule: Do not show again for X number of days
  • NEW: Targeting Rule: “Not Logged In” visitor
  • NEW: Added support for submitting form on CTA click
  • NEW: “CTA Actions” premium addon


  • NEW: Targeting Rule: “Exclude pages” from a site-wide campaign
  • NEW: Options to cleanup Icegram data and remove shortcodes from content
  • NEW: CTA button color is automatically determined based on the background-color
  • NEW: FREE Analytics add-on (available from www.icegram.com)
  • Update: This version is compatible with WordPress 4.0


  • NEW: 7 Premium add-ons available
  • Fix: [icegram] shortcode not working for campaigns
  • Update: Improved CTA click handling
  • Update: Internal changes for better performance
  • NEW: Setting display time to -1 will hide the message
  • Fix: Can use quotes and other special characters in headline now
  • Update: #WPML Show default language message only if “Blog posts to display” is set to “All posts”
  • Fix: Hide campaign and messages from public pages & search engines
  • Fix: Other plugins adding content to messages (social media links etc)
  • NEW: Clicking on any item with class “ig_cta” will trigger CTA click action
  • Fix: Campaigns not working on archive pages (like Shop / Categories…)
  • Fix: Campaigns with multiple target pages not working
  • Fix: #WPML Messages added from Campaigns page not showing on the Messages page
  • Update: And then some changes we are forgetting for now…


  • NEW: Icegram is now fully pluggable. External plugins can add message types and themes.
  • NEW: WPML support
  • Update: Icegram branding is optional
  • NEW: Setting to show Icegram branding
  • Fix: Popups show correctly on long pages now
  • Fix: Single-day schedule for message display is correctly handled now
  • NEW: Rewritten message display system – can even control with JavaScript now
  • Fix: For problems showing a campaign on homepage
  • Update: Simplified CSS and JS
  • Update: Changed custom post type names to ig_message and ig_campaign
  • Update: Compatibility with All in One SEO plugin
  • Update: Newsletter subscription form added
  • Fix: For displaying messages via shortcode
  • Update: And many more!!!


  • Fix for crash on activation with W3 Total Cache
  • Added localization / translation ability


  • Loading CSS from own domain instead of Google


  • Initial Release